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For years, Stockton Fencing Pros has offered fencing services in Manteca, CA. Founded by Joshua Cowell, Manteca has grown to be known as the “Family City”. We believe this name fits Manteca perfectly as we strive for similar attributes. With warm-summer weather practically year-round its a perfect place to build any style fence as cold won’t be much of a factor.

Here at Stock Fencing Pros, we have mastered every aspect of fencing. So whether its design, installation, tear down, or repair we do it all for both residential and commercial properties.

There are many benefits of installing a fence, maybe its to add security or increase the value of your home. Regardless, well do it right the first time for an unbeatable price.

If you’re looking for the best fencing service in the Manteca, CA area, then fill out one of the forms on this page or call us directly to schedule an estimate.

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For decades now Stockton Fencing Pros has been the best in service. We offer quality services for both residential and commercial. Over the years, we’ve built a professional team that focuses on four main goals for every fence built. The first goal we meet is to keep everything professional to provide a smooth, stress-free installation. Along with professionalism, we strive to keep every project on-time but along with speed we, more importantly, want a quality built fence that’s built to last. We will also use quality materials that are able to withstand anything thrown its way. Finally, our strict attention-to-detail will ensure that every fence installed will have stability, character, and long-lasting quality!

The process for every installation will be simple, speedy, and most importantly quality. The very first thing we do is figure out what fence, style, and design. From there we measure and lay out all the materials. Next, the fun will begin when we start to dig holes for each post; Following that, concrete is poured into each hole. Once the concrete settles the posts will be positioned and leveled with rails or panels based on your preference. Everything comes to life once we reach this step as the pickets are installed to the rails just about completing the fence. The final touches will be made by adding post caps, hinges, and if there’s any stain/painting necessary.

A Little About Manteca, CA

Manteca is a fantastic city that has a population of roughly 82,000. The City got its name from a farmer that realized the sandy soil in Manteca was a perfect fit for crops such as watermelon and pumpkins. In fact, at that time Manteca was known as the Pumpkin capital of the world! Currently, the biggest employers in the City are Manteca Unified School District, Kaiser Permanente, and Doctors Hospital of Manteca. Their top schools are Calla High School, East Union High School, and Manteca High School. With some of the best school systems and hospitals, Manteca would be a perfect fit for a family or young company!

Our Services

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link fences are a low-cost yet fantastic option for any home or commercial property. With its versatility, you can either have a highly secured 10’ fence with barbed wire or simply a 4’ fence design for the family back yard.

Vinyl Fence

One of the most long-lasting and traditional options is a vinyl fence. With some of the most customizable options, you can quickly increase the value of your home, or reel in some more customers for your business.

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence serves one main purpose and that’s to provide some privacy. But along with that, there are many benefits such as blocking wind, noise, and they look amazing. Peace and quiet is one fence away!

Wood Fence

Wood fences offer true natural beauty. These fences are built to survive any weather thrown its way. The best benefit is all the customizable options. It’s hard to beat getting a beautiful natural wood fence that’s built to your exact specifications.

Fence Repair

Maybe your fence was destroyed from a tree, car, or just old age. Regardless, we offer services to fix any fence. No more stressing about unknown animals getting in or the dog running away. Click “Learn More” to eliminate that stress.


Gates will add security, character, and a simple way of getting in/out of your property. With a wide variety of gates, it can be stressful selecting a fence that will not only look great but actually last. Click “Learn More” to get your fence complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1 We want a new fence? Where do we start?

To get started with your new fence simply contact us at (209) 268-7975 to get started with an estimate. From there we’ll talk logistics and get everything rolling!

FAQ #2 How long will my fence last?

A fences life depends on a few factors but mainly the type of material used. Below are the estimated life-spans of each fence:

Vinyl Fence: 20-30 years
Chain Link: 20 years
Wood Fence: 15 years

FAQ #3 What are the basic fence materials?

The most common materials used in fences are wood, vinyl, and metal. Each can be enhanced a bit to either last longer or give a different look. For example, wood can be either stained or painted.

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